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Inspired Class Expectations

We are a community of INSPIRED learners - remember:

be excellent 2.jpgLocal Artist: Kristen Bangs. Class artwork purchased at Willow-Littleton
This is not your first classroom experience, so I expect you to behave the way you know you should, and recognize the role that our 16 Habits of Mind play into our overall learner outcomes.

How class works:

When you enter the classroom: sit in your assigned spot, read the screen for the day's agenda, and prepare to respond to the daily inspiration. This may be something to discuss, write about, a short exercise, or a length of time for silent reading.

At some point you might need to leave the room...
  • First ASK me if it's a good time to leave. Most likely I'll say yes, but maybe you're going to miss something a.maz.ing and I'll ask you to wait a bit.
  • SIGN OUT so we know who's missing.
  • Don't take a ton of time out of the room. You're bound to miss something!


You're going to miss class for some reason or another…it's just the way it goes. Truth is, however, that the more you're here the more you'll gain from this academic year. If you can avoid an absence, please do so. Otherwise, remember that you are responsible for all missed work and it is your responsibility to find out what you've missed. As much as possible, I'll post our daily agenda as well as notes from class to our website.
Your best plan is to:
  • email me at tfalcone@lps.k12.co.us
  • check the website while you're away,
  • and then follow up with me and/or your STUDY BUDDY as questions arise. (A STUDY BUDDY??? Be sure to have a couple of RELIABLE class friends' emails and phone numbers handy as a Google doc and in your planner.)
  • Your VERY best plan is to be in school a.m.a.p. (as much as possible)

Supplies: As you prepare to transition from one end of the building to the other, or from class to class...form a mental picture in your mind checking off each item that you should be carrying.
will need the following supplies for class:
    • "SMATHSH" JOURNAL (Math SMASH JOURNAL - your personalized MATH composition notebook or the big spiral IF you are in 6th grade CMP
    • Everyday Math Journal or 6th grade CMP Journal
    • Pencil Bag (pencils, lead, erasure)

    • SMASH JOURNAL - your personalized (decorated) LA college-ruled composition notebook
    • Assigned Reading Circle Book and/or Personal Reading Book
    • Pencil Bag (pencils, lead, erasure)

    • Optional, but SUPER HANDY - sticky note "flags" for your reading work.

Inspirational Quotes About Kites...


Thank you Colleen Holub. You are always my inspiration from afar.