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SNAG your reader!

ACT your character

SHOW your story

SHAKE your world

How to Make Your Writing Feel Authentic:

... craft of writing and the concrete tools you can use to make your writing more believable, more real, and truly "authentic."

1.What does it mean to be "authentic?" Writing from the heart.

2.What is "grounding?" Setting your stage with the right props.

3.How well do you know your characters? Making characters multi-faceted.

4.How real and believable is your plot? Crafting a story your audience can buy.
5. Have you found your own "voice?" Why voice is critical, and finding yours.

Getting in Your Character's Skin:

Do you want to write characters that pop right off of the page? Characters you and your readers really care about? We'll talk about how to get in your character's skin and create him or her from the inside out. We'll do some fun, easy exercises while we cover the following elements of "character building:"

1.Your character's history that the reader will never know.

2.What your character looks like physically, including gestures and clothing.

3.Your character's likes and dislikes, quirks and habits, friends and enemies.

4.Living and being your character.

5.Using empathy to get under your character's skin.

6.Your character's driving force (this is usually related to the plot of the story).