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Current Events due to share in class on Thursdays

Our First Trimester - Green Book Project

Children of the Dust Bowl - The True Story of the School at Weedpatch Camp

Response question guide - We will select our question together in class.
Responses will be due each Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of each week. (SMASH JOURNAL)


PBS DUST BOWL VIDEO - we watched the first 10 minutes in class

Please always include textual evidence in your answers.
For example:

Although Esperanza, the main character in the young adult novel, Esperanza Rising by Pamela Munoz, shares an obvious deep love for her parents and grandmother, perhaps it is this life of privilege that engenders the snooty vein coursing through her young life. The author paints a picture of young Esperanza, the daughter of a wealthy rancher, as the “only child and Papa’s pride and glory”. The author shows the reader that she has lived her entire, pampered life at El Rancho de las Rosas, without the ability to imagine life anywhere else or “...with any fewer servants.” Finally, the author exposes Esperanza’s own realization to her status in life in the pages describing how as a little girl she announced, “I am going to marry Miguel”, the head ranch hand’s son, and mama’s gentle admonishment and chuckle, “You will feel differently as you get older.” As a young woman near her 13th birthday, she indeed did come to understand, telling Miguel as much, “in a moment of self importance”, that her and Miguel stood on different sides of the river, “that could never be crossed.” Clearly the author’s description and examples reveal Esperanza’s spoiled demeanor as one of her dominant character traits.

Notice how we’ve shifted to more sophisticated INTRODUCTIONS and references to pertinent textual evidence. We no longer say “I knew this because on page 32 it says, “yada yada yada…”.

states, shows, reveals, admits, exposes, releases, paints a picture of, let’s the cat out of the bag, foreshadows, notifies, describes, crafts, brings out into the open, brings to mind, sheds light on, acknowledges, exemplifies, breaks the news, enumerates, lists, captures, explains, divulges, outlines, brings to light, answers, investigates, reports, states, defends, identifies, assumes, advises, captures…

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Resources for Esperanza Rising

Interview with Pamela Munoz Ryan

Lesson - Developing a STRONG topic sentence that is the basis for a THESIS STATEMENT.



Unit ideas - good __http://www.brighthub.com/education/k-12/articles/76050.aspx__