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Welcome to your SECOND/THIRD GRADE LA PLUS! WIki Resource Page
This is our "meeting place" where we will be able to work together, share our writing and thinking.

Esperanza Rising Fiesta 5/3/12 (Thursday during reading time.)

luke - grapes
andy - asparagus
sawyer - figs
abby - avocados
jude - papayas
micah - canteloupe
andrew - potatoes
cj - plums
victoria - tortilla dessert
isaac - peaches
mason - almonds
ms. falcone - guayabas
davon - onions
kate - juice

February 29, 2012
Dear Inspired Students,

Please read the chapter LAS CEBOLLAS - Onions - for next Thursday, March 2nd. Please reflect upon the following presentation of images (embedded below - or linked just to the left) in your "thinking journal". Consider the following thinking points as you write your reflections.
Also, you could describe, or draw a visualization of the cabin where Esperanza must live in America. How does this home compare to her home in Mexico? When Esperanza points out these differences, why does Mama become angry with her? Is Mama right to be angry with her? Why or why not?

Image retrieved on February 28, 2012 from: http://pzweb.harvard.edu/vt/VisibleThinking_html_files/VisibleThinking1.html

I look forward to meeting with you on Thursdays from 10:00-10:40am.
...remember GOOD READERS make predictions, ask questions, visualize, and always, always, always use TEXTUAL EVIDENCE to support their thinking.

Lexile Measure: 750L
Guided Reading Level: V
Genre: Historical Fiction
Subject: Equality, Fairness and Justice, Great Depression, Hispanic and Latin American, Social Issues and Conditions, Social Studies Through Literature

Learning Focus:

Word Study
- word origin and using context to determine meaning
- determining importance and supporting details
- how does your thinking change and why

Before the first meeting on Thursday, January 26th - Please watch this interview with the author. We will be practicing READING LIKE A WRITER AND WRITING LIKE A READER.

Parent Letter - January 26, 2012

Discussion Questions

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